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sweeeeeeeeppppyyy :)

It will drive people crazy wondering how you got the candy inside! So wanna do this for Easter!

That’s One, or A Nesting Doll Joke May 11, 2013 Don't get too attached. The following takes place some 500 years ago, and I am home for a visit. I sit down to dinner with my mother, step-father, and sister.

That’s One, or A Nesting Doll Joke

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Ranger the Labrador Retriever #labradorretriever

Ranger the Labrador Retriever #labradorretriever


Sunday Morning Animal Laughs

How many tennis balls can you hold in your mouth at one time? The answer for the dog in this picture is three. Now that is what I call a big mouth!



15 Things Only Dachshund Lovers Can Relate To. 5 Will Crack You Up!! - Page 15 of 15 - Barmy Pets

15 Things Only Dachshund Lovers Can Relate To. 5 Will Crack You Up!!

Pets are stress busters. They recognize how you feel. They jump all over you when you are happy. They leave you alone when are not. They do cutest things to change your moods. Love them and they love you 10 times more. if your best friend (dog) is not listening go to  http://www.ad2action.com/8/8uctjrsh619m/14364/ to help yourself to get training help so that YOU can be happy with Your Pet.

So true. I'm making this for my parents. The sign will say "All you need is love", Sakura's sign will say "and dogs" and A Betsy will say "Agreed". So cute.

One of each, please!

They respect not only you, but the people you love in your life.Did you think you know everything about Labrador retrievers.

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I’ll take one big slice of the chocolate Labrador please, oh heck I’ll take the whole thing For more cute dogs and puppies