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The Guide to Getting Lost is a pocket sized book which defines the concept of the Flaneur. Using the language of the Park Service and backcountry maps, the guide aims to introduce the participant to a city without the concern of street names and direction

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All other books don't hold a candle to the ultimate Book. the Bible. I read all my books through the light of God's Word.

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- Finally a place to put all those thoughts you can't say out loud. This little black book has a soft flexible buckrum cover (buckrum is a strong acrylic covered cotton) hot stamped with gold letterin

Not too many people in this, but a few who've surprised me

People I have met, and how they have proceeded to disappoint me.hate to be negative.but I may need a bigger book!

City Cycling Guide Full Set

Europe City Cycling Guide Set - a collection of pocket-sized guides to the major cycling cities of Europe by Rapha, in collaboration with Thames & Hudson.

Creating Blackout Poetry...

the void is the ultimate mystic doorway. it allows you to disappear into non-existence against the backdrop of eternity.