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Math Menus....great for differentiation!  Would work well for Lit stations too!

math menu - lots of different math options - great for stations or for students who finish early. This is grade, but is a good idea.j GREAT idea!

Free Printable Multiplication Chart - Great reference for anyone learning or struggling with multiplication facts!

70+ Fun Multiplication Worksheets, Charts, Flash Cards

Fourth Grade Summer Learning Guide: Get Ready for Back-to-School

Fourth Grade Summer Learning for Back-to-School

Free Third Grade Summer Learning Guide - educational activities to prepare your students during the summer for the third-grade school year.

Tell the Time Worksheet

Great practice for telling time to the hour and half hour. Aligns with Common Core grade Standard: Tell and write time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks.

number lines for basic counting, skip counting, integers, negatives, decimals, blank with intervals and hops, blank for fractions, measurement including 24 hours, minutes, converting between ounces and grams, money, multi-page lines, larger numbers, odd/even, fractions  (not fancy, just simple number lines)

Guidance and examples showing the area (or box) method for multiplication using rectangles to show partial products. Includes links to related worksheet generator for practice.

TONS of free math worksheets you can print...for K-5th

Here you will find our selection of Free Grade Math Worksheets, Grade Math Problems & Fourth Grade Math Worksheets printable for kids from the Math Salamanders

cookie monster clocks

Telling time - not just for the younger grades anymore. Amazing how many older students cannot read time on a traditional clock!

Promoting Success: Telling Time Printable Games, Activities and Songs for First, Second and Third Grade

Telling Time Printable Games, Activities and Songs for First, Second and Third Grade

TELLING TIME VIDEO~ What& the Time? introduces hour, half hour, quarter hour, and five minute increments.

Fact Sheets for Afterschool Funding and Guide to U.S. Department of Educational Programs

ETA Sample versatile worksheets and a free template to make your own worksheets to use with the versatiles

Great Tip!On minute hand put Pix of rabbit to show minutes go faster. Explain that turtle goes much slower than rabbit. The kids can watch how the rabbit is always running fast around the clock while the turtle is trying it's hardest to catch it.  Usually one or two kids notice that rabbit can get all the way around the clock while turtle only makes it to the next #. Also tell the minute (rabbit) hand is longer like the ears on the rabbit & hour (turtle) hand is shorter like the turtle.

Telling Time Tip Fast rabbit on the minute hand, slow turtle on the hour hand.