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35 Terrible Puns To Brighten Your Day

I love cheesy jokes. And ties and top hats.

I've always loved Maslow's pyramid of all the things you need to have sorted, but I LOVE the New Maslow’s hierarchy of needs! What do you think?

Ohh lolol that wouldn't be a pizza cake. Dough boy

You wanna pizza me?

Pantone LOL!

How To Choose A Color Palette That Won't Drive You Insane

Recently I've been seeing a plethora of Pantone inspiration all over the web. Pantone is no longer just a color system, it has evolved to become so much more. Check out some of the awesome things designers and creatives from…

Puns | Blind Date | From Funny Technology - Community - Google+ via Matt Clark | Almost too #punny

But it's not a blind hearted date ,there is a difference girl

Heads Will Roll (funny,christmas,santa)

This is purrfect

This is purrfect

kitty cat jokes - what do you call a pile of cats? A meowtain

Brainwashing from Rhymes With Spaghetti by Ezetie King

Illustrated Puns by Ezetie King

25 Funniest Jokes for Kids

emotional baggage.

Pun Fun

I have so much of this in my life! Emotional Baggage by Gemma Correll on flicker