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Goes to show you...everything in between is also black. #justsayin

thecolorofexcellence: “ The world’s darkest and lightest men….are both Black. Because the world begins and ends with us.

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“That moment when you, a queen, come across another queen, and discuss how best to maximise your joint slay”

WAIT FOR THEIR REACTION… We built a huge TIE Silencer for 6 Star Wars super fans ahead of The Last Jedi release.

WAIT FOR THEIR REACTION… We built a huge TIE Silencer for 6 Star Wars super fans ahead of The Last Jedi release.


Wake up my people. Look closer to what you are wearing and who or waht messages you are supporting when wearing name brad clothing.

every skin color is beautiful ...everyone is beautiful...nevermind.anxiety said im not beautiful

every skin color is beautiful .everyone is beautiful.anxiety said im not beautiful

Weapon....? I don't see the Bible. Lol good book tho

LOL Wow, she reeeeallly looks worried or concerned that the brother is not only reading but, reading something that is exposing her people while setting my people free. ->'Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch'

As a child I realized rather quickly that I wasn't very coordinated but I could run fairly fast so track was my sport of choice and was my shero! She made running fast look sooooo fly!

that was clear to anyone that acknowledges truth.movie industry and film makers, ALWAYS mix the truth in with lies!

HELEN ANN WINDMAN WALKER,  HENRY SEDAM WALKER   Twin brother and sister, offspring of colored  parents 10 years of age on the 2d of May, 1866 as exhibited at Burnell & Prescott's Museum  93 St. Charles street, [opposite the Academy of Music,] New Orleans, La.

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Third eye ... yep isn't interesting what fluoride in the water supply does to the pineal gland? Think that's an accident?

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Interesting, that I wouldn't be surprised if that is what the Eye of Horus was symbolizing. Because, of course the Egyptians knew about the brain. if you look at the medical papyrus, they had an EXTENSIVE knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

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If only most of the black athletes were so driven. (There is upsolutlely nothing wrong with sports ) just something that'll keep them busy after retiring from it. Like soccer, rugby, cricket and other that have age limit

They hate yet imitate

This is called "white washing" - this has even been done to biblically. Deuteronomy 28 - these curses happened, and our true identity has been hidden.

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