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hahah it's so funny because it's true. I have the hardest time talking without my hands, i feel the same when i try to argue with someone over a text. it's like handicapped arguing

My friend laughed at this because I talk with my hands a lot and she said "Ha, you're probably a little Italian" and I just stared at her and whispered "I am a 14 year old African-Cherokee girl"


You'd struggle to pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel New favorite insult

story time: so when I was little, I would literally torture my Barbie dolls,like,I would make all of them hate each other and they would basically murder each other...once I had this Ariel Barbie and i made Belle hate her, so Belle took Ariel, and hung her above the ground by the tail, while smacking her repeatedly. Another time I did this thing where Ken cheated on Barbie, and Barbie pushed the girl that Ken was cheating with down two flights of states, then she stepped on her face and she…

Advertisers don't understand how girls play with their toys (featuring The Dead Pit)

So nobody really knows what my favorite color is... (and yes, I have done this soooo many times)

What if everyone has the same favorite color and we just don't know because we all perceive the color differently?

Lol every time!

this is too accurate, took my algebra eoc test and I had to make sure EVERYTHING was right haha

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They should really just make a Supernatural episode about Cotton-Eyed Joe.