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What Type Of Wings Should You Have?

Picture of Graceful Swan On A Lake In Black And White. Stock Photo by Basmeelker from the collection iStock. Get affordable Stock Photos at Thinkstock.

Beautiful Peacock

Peacocks are stunning birds I photo by Jason Busch I Blue Color Palette Inspiration

Makes me think of the swans in Springbank Park in Ontario, swimming through the willows along the waters edge.


The White Swan Lake I stand here watching all alone, As white swans caress the waters below.

The majestic swan rests in the snowy waters in Jerry Gadamus' Winter Reflections.Image Size 12" x 8"Open Edition

Jerry Gadamus Winter Reflections

The majestic swan rests in the snowy waters in Jerry Gadamus Winter Reflections. Image Size 12 x 8 Open Edition

http://www.ueberschriftennews.blogspot.com/2012/09/markus-passmann-fitness-outdoorweltde.html  I always preferred black swans.They are extraordinary and so beautiful.

Black Swans and Koi. I love the mass of koi with the addition of black swans

Swans are extremely graceful and great to watch. Don’t get too close though, they are territorial birds

Love to see cardinals in the winter! Bright pop of red against all the snow.

welcome-foolishmortals: “ etsy: “ The Art of Staying Aloft: a photo series by Gloria Wilson of Small Mysteries. ” I really love Cardinals in snow. I recently discovered that to be one of my favourite.