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Host a holiday Party

I love planning parties and I've been wanting to put together a holiday themed party for quite some time. Something other than Christmas or Thanksgiving. Maybe like Halloween or something or St.

I am totally going to do this!!! I wonder how I would look as a blond?

dye my hair the exact opposite of what it is now without warning anyone. i went from bleach blonde to dark brown.

Hug Mickey Mouse

mickey mouse deserves a hug from me, for all the times he has kept my kid quiet and still

i want one as a gift from my love someday

Completed: birthday from my grandmother// Grandma Lillian left me a pearl necklace before she passed away. She was given the necklace for her birthday and wanted me to have it for my my mother saved it for me for 4 years after she passed away.

Leave this town

Words cannot describe how much I want to leave. I NEED to see the rest of the world. I want to leave sweden so bad!