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This is one book in a three part series by Veronica Roth. This book is amazing and I recommend it to all readers!!!

Teen Book of the Year: Insurgent By Veronica Roth- (You have to read Divergent it was awesome, and make sure to see the Divergent movie!

This book was good, if you like the hunger games or divergent, then you will like this book!

The Testing

The Testing (The Testing Trilogy Series - Sixteen-year-old Malencia (Cia) Vale is chosen to participate in The Testing to attend the University; however, Cia is fearful when she figures out her friends who do not pass The Testing are disappearing.

City of Bones  by Cassandra Clare Loved the Mortal Instrument Series

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

The "Mortal Instruments" Series, starting with City of Bones (Cassandra Clare). These books can be found in the DHS Library, F CLA.

Uglies (Uglies Series #1)

Uglies (Uglies Series #1)

The Uglies Series: "Uglies", "Pretties", "Specials", "Extras" by Scott Westerfeld

What to Read After, or While Waiting for, "The Fault in Our Stars". |      Are you among the masses that read and loved The Fault in Our Stars by John Green? While considered a young adult novel because of the ages of the two main characters, the book has been read and raved about from teens and adults alike. It is not an easy read, but one that is worth the emotional investment… #tfios #TheFaultInOurStars #JohnGreen

What to Read After, or While Waiting for, The Fault in Our Stars

I noticed several of my students reading this book!

Penguin: Dutton Children's Books imprint    Really like the simplicity of the type and the color. Interesting how the glass ball and girl are integrated. It feels artificial which in the end goes with the story.

'Matched' book 3 by Allie Condie: See the cover and title

Reached- Ally Condie Third Book in the Matched Trilogy- Can't wait!

For the teens at The Haven, the outside world, just beyond the towering stone wall that surrounds the premises, is a dangerous unknown. It has always been this way, ever since the hospital was esta...

The Haven by Carol Lynch Williams

The Haven -- From award-winning YA novelist Carol Lynch Williams, the heart-pounding story of a group of teens whose "haven" is anything but.

What it's about: The author's debut novel is the first book in a trilogy set in a dystopian Chicago. In the post-apocalyptic society, people have divided themselves into five factions, each based on one core value. When 16-year-old Tris finds out she falls into more than one faction, she chooses "Dauntless" but still struggles. Who's starring: Shailene Woodley is playing Tris, and Theo James is playing Tobias. Kate Winslet is also in the film. Check out the full cast here. Watch the trailer…

Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges

Discover discounts for Divergent (Divergent Trilogy, Book by Veronica Roth. This first book in Veronica Roth's New York Times bestselling Divergent tr

Amaaazing trilogy ... i believe this book has to be taught in schools .. it describes our communities , the way we are ruled but in a more obvious way and as you can see from the mocking-jay "the bird"that it was caged for too long but in the end he learnt to spread his wings .. thank you suzanne

THe hunger games books - The Hunger Games trilogy is a series of young adult science adventure novels by Suzanne Collins. The trilogy consists of The Hunger Games Catching Fire and Mockingjay

Matched Matched #1 by Ally Condie http://www.bookscrolling.com/the-best-dystopian-books-of-all-time/

Matched by Ally Condie (yet another dystopian teen novel!already want to read the one.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore 5 stars

Fantastic fantasy story with a kick-butt heroine and an exquisite love story.

I've sorta-kinda held off on this book because I so seldom enjoy the stories that get the biggest hype, but I DID like the movie ever so much. I'm sure I'll read it sometime this year.

Kathryn Stockett – The Help