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Saaaayyy Whaaaaat?!

Funny pictures about Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow. Oh, and cool pics about Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow. Also, Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow.

baby chichi.  I must have in my pocket.  :)

Chihuahua in a martini glass. My mother named our second Chihuahua, Martini, because she could fit in a martini glass.

adorable happy animals!

Happiest animals in the world

Funny pictures about World's happiest animals. Oh, and cool pics about World's happiest animals. Also, World's happiest animals.

Can life get any cuter? A netherland dwarf bunny pushing a cart of carrots!

The 30 Greatest Moments In The History Of Cute

Cute bunny with shopping cart full of baby carrots! Do do do just doing my thing

Guinea Pigasaurus.

Fun Fact: The Guinea Pig Dinosaur is neither pig nor dinosaur. View "Guinea Pig in a Dinosaur Costume" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Trouble in the Snow

Old English Sheepdog. He just wanted to play in the snow. So funny this happens to long haired dogs! That's a dog who knows how to have fun!

. here to find out more ...We love our pets here at The Crossings!

Humorous, Funny and Cute Animal Photos - It is our hope that this collection of humor will help make us laugh at ourselves, and hopefully live a more compassionate cruelty-free lifestyle.

15 Most Adorable Animal Selfies on the Internet

15 Most Adorable Animal Selfies on the Internet

Can you imagine life without your best friend? The reality of this was difficult of Harlow after her sister Sage passed away. Luckily, after a long interview process Harlow found Indiana–just see what fun ensues.

Dog costume. Large bread. Labrador. Best Halloween costume. Martini dog.

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deer with antlers hat for greyhounds. greys kind of look like reindeer anyway, so this hat is perfect.