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This image represents Ambition to me because it looks like the mouse is trying to fly. like it is its hope or dream.

Little mouse in a purple sock! Aww gotta love a ittle mouse in a purple sock :)


Apparently animals love flowers as much as humans do, as is evidenced by these super-cute pictures. Here are 14 animals enjoying the sweet scent of flowers.

Shanka's inspiration

baby cottontails--Daddy brought a shoe box home when I was small. It had baby cottontail rabbits in it and we baby bottle fed them until big enough to turn loose!

Just one of the gang via venussletterstolife.tumblr.com

Group Shot - Llama, sheep, Scottish highland cow, goat, and Polish chicken animal portrait

Flowers !! You shouldn't have !!!

10 Pictures Of In "I give you this 'cause I love you," said one chipmunk to the other. //Awe, so cute, I think he gave her a flower & now he's proposing to her, so sweet EL//

Интересные фото и видео с животными

Any of various small mice or voles, especially of the genus Microtus, inhabiting meadows and fields and often causing damage to crops. Also called meadow mouse. Field Mice by Jean Louis Klein Marie Luce Hubert