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Funny pictures about The Internet Keeps On Ruining My Childhood. Oh, and cool pics about The Internet Keeps On Ruining My Childhood. Also, The Internet Keeps On Ruining My Childhood photos.

27 Great Moments In Parenting History

This dad who finally got his baby to fall asleep. 24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing

Cuando no entiendas lo que alguien te está diciendo... (subjuntivo) - I´m not sure if this is the best advice for foreign language students, but it is sure to get a laugh. Perhaps it could be an opener for a discussion of things we can do when we don´t understand. Check out www.estudiafeliz.wordpress.com for other fun materials for Spanish teachers and students.

Cuando no entiendas lo que alguien te está diciendo… (subjuntivo)

Happy face baby photo with a caption: I have a surprise for you. It's poop. Are you tired of cleaning after your sweetie or you enjoy dong it?

This kid is funny #sexhumor https://www.facebook.com/AdultJokeBook

Funny pictures about Evil plotting baby. Oh, and cool pics about Evil plotting baby. Also, Evil plotting baby photos.

Knowing me prolly just punch him in the throat

It's a constant battle.it's how I feel about you all the time ;

I love "Winnie-the-Pooh" and I never mean to purposely insult the innocence that he/his stories portray, but I have to say that this did make me laugh :)

Teddy bears are my best friends. Especially ones like Pooh and Ted. Thunder buddies for life!

This reminds me of Andrew and I love it. Not because he says it.. but because I feel like he would say it to make me laugh

Oh heh.Funny Confession Ecard: I worry that I might be ugly. Then I look in the mirror and am delighted to find that I'm fucking gorgeous.

bitches love wine

Brandy and Wine. Want Good Ideas About Wine Then Check This Out! Wine has been a luxurious escape and way to celebrate life since the beginning of time. To get the fullest potential out of wine, learn more about it.


Funny Friendship Ecard: It's no longer 'box wine'. The classy term is 'Cardboardeaux'. I need some wine.

mmmm, tag team? lmfao @Alyssa Ducharme

hell ya I know what you mean hahahahahaha! Fuck the police all day long hahahaha!

A sad story about Jack Dawson was fighting for his American Dream.

Ready to have your movie-going-mind blown? What if Jack Dawson and Jay Gatsby were the same person? Sure, both characters are played by the same actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, but is the "Titanic" character and "The Great Gatsby" character in fact one in …

LOVE this!!! So funny!! I wanna put this on a t-shirt so bad!! LOL

Niggas in Paris Lyrics: “We're going to skate to one song, one song only” / Ball so hard mothafuckas wanna fine me / So I ball so hard mothafuckas wanna fine me / First niggas gotta find me / What's 50

When People Get Married Too Soon

When People Get Married Too Soon

Aziz Ansari shares his thoughts on marriage.and sweaters. FYI: the last panel contains profanity. People who get married too soon…

'I have a feeling we should kiss...' 'I sometimes I have a feeling I should do crystal meth then I think 'Mmm, bettern not'.

Pitch perfect is my new movie to quote till the next one comes out with the actor of "Fat Amy" in it!