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Husband. Hilarious. Actually JD does do dishes, but omg this is so relevant to other things.

You ask your husband to do the dishes, he suddenly has to poop. Ask them anything and they suddenly have to poop.

Hahah yup!! #NotImpressed

US Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney was under 18 when alleged photos were taken, says lawyer.

Procrastinating, me!??? Nahh...!!

Procrastination at its finest (I'm a Cleaner, List Maker, and Napper!) Im the list maker and snacker!


Hey, Smalls, you wanna s'more? Smalls: Some more of what? Ham Porter: No, do you wanna s'more? Smalls: I haven't had anything yet, so how can I have some more of nothing?

camo'ed out lol

There Once Was a Flood

^^ there for a donut can be healthy

Funny pictures about The Most Useless Fact Of All Time. Oh, and cool pics about The Most Useless Fact Of All Time. Also, The Most Useless Fact Of All Time photos.


how to apply contouring makeup - this is how I feel after attempting any make-up tutorials.


hahaha I discovered this for myself---when a student asked rather incredulously, "WHAT'S THAT? a quick turn of the page solved the mystery.

It's even funnier cause I live in the northeast and imagine this being true.

so true calling the school: them: "hello this is bla-bla school! how can I help you?" Me: "there is ice on the road could you please cancel school? I can't get out of my house without sliding. me: "aww.

"In a world full of princesses dare to be a hot dog" | See more fun kids videos here: http://gwyl.io/

"In a world full of princesses dare to be a hot dog"<<who wants a hot dog princess?<<<I love hot dogs and princesses yes please