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oddly enough, ridiculously true


this is so true.like to go shopping with hair straight or go shopping with hair curly.or oh i cant wear that.it goes with curly hair only.

Lucy, you're not alone. Peanuts - Charles M. Schultz

I think every week should have a day where boys give presents to girls Lucy Charlie brown

Tall N Curly - Threatened Haha too funny! But seriously this is what happens when someone doing my hair pulls out a brush lol

Only use soft boar bristle brushes to smooth hair for updos or, if your texture can handle it without breakage, a detangling brush on damp hair with slippery product. ------ Tall N Curly - Threatened

Curly Hair Problem. ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! But especially the summer its to hot to leave it down all the time


There's no chance it's supposed to rain and then BAM let's have a rainstorm...

Curly Hair Problem: You'd never consider straightening your hair if there's the smallest chance that it would rain.

Seriously, this is exactly how it is with me!

My life with Chronic Bitch Face. My life with Chronic Bitch Face. My life with Chronic Bitch Face.

Curly hair rules!

Curly hair rules!

Curly hair problem #588


Curly hair problem I've had so many hairstylists NOT know how to cut my hair (and end up chopping all my hair off). Probably why I have a fear of getting my hair cut, cringe the whole time, & I only cut my hair about once a year.