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Emperor Penguin Chicks, Snow Hill Island, Weddell Sea, Antarctica, Polar Regions by Thorsten Milse


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MyPhotoSchool Tutor David Tipling's new book Penguins: Close Encounters is out now and here David shares some of his beautiful images with us and describes some of the severe conditions he was photographing in.


Our Emperor Penguin Chicks Birthday card makes for a cool and cuddly way to say Happy Birthday. The inside of this 4 x 6 card readsFeel the love!

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Booking now for exclusive Semi-private Winter in Yellowstone Photo Tours 2017 Emperor penguin chicks in Antarctica.

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animal-factbook: “Penguin parents can sometimes be overprotective of their young. Due to this, the baby penguin often tries to rebel in subtle ways, such as dancing around when they should be standing.

ほんとだって!今飛べたんだって!! : ペンギン画像にコメントつけたら可愛すぎw【画像集】 - NAVER まとめ

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