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Awesome image by Ian A. Linton...would look awesome within a transparent frame on a wall in a very modern bathroom...

Bubbles in Water: Water Therapy : Spa pools: Awesome image by Ian A.would look awesome within a transparent frame on a wall in a very modern bathroom.

The Latin name for the cacao tree - the tropical plant source of all things chocolate - consists of two words packed with candy-loving scientific exuberance. Theobroma cacao. It derives from the Greek words for god (theo) and food (brosi), roughly translating to "food of the gods". Well, sure you say. Obviously. This is chocolate, after all. Almost goes without saying. Which is why I won't. Actually, I'm mostly trying to explain why the most potent chemical compound in chocolate - a pla...

The Curious (Toxic) Chemistry of Chocolate

Rose Champagne Granita

Pretty-This Rose Champagne Granita looks delicious! What is Granita? a Sicilian shaved ice type of dessert. Easy to make.


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snowflake photography 18 perfect snowflakes [Photos] These intricate, one-of-a-kind ice crystals form when precipitation falls through varying levels of humidity and temperatures in the air.


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