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I really like the way the rings work here, and how the trim sits on the collar and the shoulder bits. pernioetu

Interesting Finnish garb with some of that wire coil decoration I want to try.


Blue Skirts and Golden Belts - an exhibit of Viking age textiles in Finland

pernio mantle repro

Perniö costume reproduction in the Finnish National Museum. Used by permission.an iron-age Finnish mantle, combines cloth weaving, tablet weaving and coiled wire work.

"Muinaispuku PERNIÖ"

"Veitsi ja vaipan reunaa" © Marianne Huttunen, Laura Kylliäinen, Liisa Ojala, Pirjo Sinervo (quote) via teeitse.fi Reconstruction of Finnish iron/viking age dress from Perniö. Detail of knife and cloak.

SENĀS ROTAS: Kaklariņķi, važiņu rotas

SENĀS ROTAS: Kaklariņķi, važiņu rotas

Links to Finnish design for dresses and aprons.

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Interesting apron dress, apparently trimmed on all edges with tablet weaving, using tablet-woven trim as straps.  From a Russian language blog.

And you thought you were in a fairy tale? - IV The fourth exhibition of costumes. Slavs and Vikings IX-XII.