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Ceramic milk cartoon Jatta Lavi keraaminen  maitotölkki Lokal Helsinki lahjat kermakko kaadin kannu

A hollow porcelain cream carton handmade by ceramics artist Jatta Lavi. Inside of the carton is glazed.

chopstick rests by carmela

Chopstick holder polar bears and penguins! Potters Tada Seizo founder of the brand - Le soil Raku-do For dish set, make ducky chopstick holders

Eeva Jokinen ceramics and webshop | SHOP

Pearl vase / Helmi -maljakko keramiikka ceramics Eeva Jokinen 62 e

love these mugs

Cups from David's Tea, photographed by Erica Lea of Simple Days pretty photo styling

For all the architects/builders in the house.

A butter dish shaped like a house from West Elm. I sure like butter dishes that are shaped like things.

Jatta Lavi ceramics

Jatta Lavi ceramics

Pot by Studio Arhoj

Melting Mug by Studio Arhoj


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This glaze looks pretty cool and possible to do. Maybe put a thin line of wax resist under the outside line so it really pools relatively evenly. If the glaze is heavy enough then it should melt over the line and that would look even more awesome.

Ceramic cups by taobao - I love these! The beauty of them, the simplicity, the dual textures in your hand, the illusion of movement the drops create, the gentle earth tone colors. Of course they are by a Japanese artist. What is this glaze?

(4) 트위터

(4) 트위터

원하는 양만큼 ! 간장종지

kitchen ware - so brilliant. think of olive oil and balsamic vinegar or soy sauce and wasabe!