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Laughing my ass off so hard my sombrero fell off and I dropped my taco.

I'm not the biggest fan of the guy, but respect for refusing to cut his hair.  And I mean, he was the greatest in the Tempest.

it's funny if you can hear his voice in your head while reading it. Russell Brand is hilarious.


"Not to get technical, but according to chemistry - alcohol is a solution." Great excuse for a drink!

you idiot stupid 2 You eeeeeeeidiot! (30 photos)

You eeeeeeeidiot! (30 photos)


since there was no period, or exclamation point the " you little rebel I like you" was not the next sentence. Technically there is no second sentence to begin with.

this is funny to me because i make my own jokes and will laugh by myself... sometimes when alone

This couldn't be more true. I am by far the funniest person I know .stole from haley, i am the funniest person you know, bitch!

Pretty Amazing

Ohhhh I fell for it! I've been told I'm very gullible. haha if you say gullible slowly funny quotes funny quote funny quotes humor

great tip

Beer before liquor, never sicker. Toothpaste before orange juice, dead. Haha thus the reason I rarely drink orange juice I about died!

I Don't Understand Interventions. I drink cause of my family. I don' t understand interventions. What' s the point of being tend I drink too drinking interventions

Tender Date Site - love #love #truelove #tinder #dating #relationship

Tender Date Site - love #love #truelove #tinder #dating #relationship

Brilliant home security option!

my friend has 6 locks on her door. she said theory is to only lock three. that way, if a thief tries to pick the locks, he'll always be locking three of them no matter how he does it.

Everytime I get made I just have to remind myself, prison orange is not your color, prison orange is not your color, PRISON ORANGE IS NOT YOUR COLOR!

Every time I get mad I just have to remind myself, prison orange is not your color, prison orange is not your color. Prison Orange Is Not Your Color! code gets off

and all her family and friends thought she was fucking cool as hell

Quickie: Once upon a time, the lady doth protested too much…

Once upon a time . a prince asked a beautiful princess Will you marry me? The princess said no. & the princess lived happily ever after