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With so many Americans involved in and in support of the anti-drug movement, why is it that we still allow the corruption of youthful minds through the glorification of drug abuse amongst celebrities?


For the past 6 years, a German shepherd called Capitán has slept next to the grave of his owner every night at Wow! That makes me teary eyed.

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Lil Wayne I'm a Dope Boy With A Guitar - be calm and party on

I'm not a great fan of Lil Wayne, but he sure knows how to look cool!

I'm not a great fan of Lil Wayne, but he sure knows how to look cool!

Lil wayne- "Never Talk to the Cops, I Don't Speak Pig Latin" <3 -SK & CM

"Although I do not really enjoy L'il Wayne, I like his dreads.

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Sucker for Pain Lil Wayne & Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons

Lil Wayne. oh my godd

When news surfaced that a British zoo had banned visitors from wearing animal print clothing so as not to confuse the animals, it became immediately apparent that some of our favorite celebrities may

Lollipop-Lil Wayne (illshim Dubstep mix: Timestretch-Bassnectar) by illshim on…

Li'l Wayne Biography: Famous as : Rapper Birth Name : Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. Birth Date : September 1982 Birth Place : New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Spouse : Antonia "Toya" Johnson