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Next week it's happening!!!!!!

I've always wanted to do this, and finally this year I can check the off the list, st. pattys day in ireland was amazing!

before i die, done this a couple times, wish to do it moore

The Tuna Pizza, for example, uses a crisp tortilla as a base. It's topped with spicy tuna (made spicy by a mayo-based sauce), cilantro, tomatoes and sweetish hiyashi wakame (cold seaweed).

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Inspiring picture before i die, japan, tokyo, travel. Find the picture to your taste!

my dad been to all the continents, so in about 15 years I should too.

Brent Crane, "For a More Creative Brain, Travel," The Atlantic March How international experiences can open the mind to new ways of thinking


Before I die. Become a mother.well not really physically. like adopt children.