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It took me a minute to realize that this was one of those a dog text things. And didn't make much sense at first.

A conversation between a dog and his owner. If your dog could text. So funny!

So very TRUE!

Funny pictures about Bed Cartography. Oh, and cool pics about Bed Cartography. Also, Bed Cartography photos.

What's your name? Chancellor Snuggly Von Scooper

My name is Doctor Kitty Von Litter. Three weird things with that. First, Doctor Who is my favorite show. Second, my name is Kitty. Third, my teacher in high school called me "Kitty Litter" because my last name is leonard.

Stop going in the bedroom #dog texts

Text From Dog - hilarious, my dog is never sure about the guy on the other side of the mirror.

Another one for Andrea (and Olaf).

This is so true: The Dog’s Diary am – Dog food! My favorite thing! am – A car ride! My favorite thing! am – A walk in the park! My favorite thing! My favorite thing! My favorite thing!

15 hilarious things to do before you die!

This to do list is absolutely hilarious! Some of these items are defiantly going on my list of things to do before I die. This is defiantly the best to do list ever made!

Not So Tough

talking shit

Badass puppy - Watched it once, still enjoy the fun this time.

All you cat lovers are sure to relate and you’ll all be nodding and laughing in agreement.

12 Hilarious Comics That Reveal The Reality Of Living With Cats

Where you will find me at parties...  (making friends with the resident animals, like a drunken Snow White) <3 | Gemma Correll

Funny pictures about Like a drunken Snow White. Oh, and cool pics about Like a drunken Snow White. Also, Like a drunken Snow White photos.

Lazy? I think not! This takes much more effort and energy than just getting up to grabbing the stupid thing! HA

Every morning at home. I thought it would make me get out of bed. Over time it turned into a mission. How to stay in bed and covered up while getting something.