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Get inked by kat von d.. tattoo... I would love to get a tattoo done by Kay Von d. That would be so awesome!

I have a photo of my Grandma & Grandpa I would love to have tattooed by Kat Von D. The queen portrait tats.

I've done plenty of regular push-ups, but it would be a cool personal victory to do a set of legit one-handed ones.

I want this on my short term bucket list because I've done plenty of regular push-ups, but it would be really cool in fun to be able to have the strength to do a one handed push up.


the feeling of smooth legs against your bed sheets things-that-make-me-happy


i know i am i have the perfect boyfriend, even in sweats and my hair tied he still tells me how beautiful i look and how lucky he is to have me and that he wouldnt trade me for any girl in the world

Little Reasons To Smile. That so raven, phil of the future, lilo and stitch, lizzy McGuire, hannah montana

The last time by taylor swift,and your not sorry by taylor swift explains my untold story.


” Behind Every Girl’s Favorite Song Is An Untold Story ” ~ Music Quote