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DIY Junk Mail Wall Art:I found this really fun and easy way to make wall art with old magazines, newspapers, junk mail etc, etc.

Fun project for one day in our journal.

My Sister's Suitcase: Creating With Kids: Spray Bottle Silhouette Art Shelton Godwin Campbell Little this would be a fun craft for all of the kids! Reminds me of when we "spray painted" tee shirts at one of Courtney's birthday parties.

magazine strip art(9 great diy home d?cor ideas using old magazines or newspapers!!!)

Adhere strips on blank paper; punch out butterfly, etc. also, Adhere strips over the "negative" left when you punch out a shape. Or Use:Magazine Strip Art from focus/bad pictures put thru a paper shredder and your paper cutter

6 tools. 3 steps. Try this easy DIY art project to add a little beauty to any room in your house.

My pre-teen daughter does awesome acrylic painting on canvas.Found her another cool DIY Project for her and I to do. Nature walk first (my favorite).Then the SURPRISE of another one of her very talented masterpieces! DIY: Make a Nature Wall Art on Canvas

Creative Melted Crayon Canvases.

Gave the famous "melted crayon" art a try with a Little Mermaid twist. Melted blue, green, yellow, and white crayons and painted Ariel's silhouette. The Little Mermaid - Melted Crayon art

The Little Mermaid Silhouette Abstract Painting by WonderlandShops. This painting is absolutely gorgeous! -Pinned from Adyson Weatherly by the way. I miss ya girl!

Glossy photos in magazines are perfect for creating collage art that provides fine motor skill practice with scissors and glue.

Magazine Strip Silhouette Wall Art / DIY Cozy Home / Pick a silhouette. Use Mod Podge as the glue and sealer.

DIY Wall Hanging

DIY Paper cut-inspired wall hanging - a fun summer project for the dorm or kids/teen room

newspaper covered canvas & stamped lettering

I love the idea DIY Word Art Canvas. Cover canvas in modge podged book pages. Use stamps to write quote. Would be perfect for my office wall.maybe quotes from my favorite books!