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@Emilie Clifton I think this one is my favorite thus far.

Dandelion tattoo is one of the most interesting tattoo ideas and mostly appreciated by women. It has many symbolic meanings and that's what makes it specia

The large area gives good size for the dandelion and plenty of detail for the drifting seeds flowing up the back.

Dandelion tattoos are very fashionable these days with women. Men will sometimes work a dandelion in to a themed tattoo but not too often in a stand alone piece. Dandelion tattoos are generally inked for

Spine and shoulder blade bird tattoo. Would be cool with them coming out of the tree I want to get and floating along my jap name tat

birds flying from back to shoulder tattoo. one of the best adaptations of this design i've seen. Love this tattoo. The hair style is fab too.

maybe on my foot

Considering a dandelion tattoo? Looking for ways to personalize the design and make it more unique? This article is all about the design, meaning, and symbolism of the dandelion tattoo.

dandilion tattoo | dandelion tattoo butterfly. I like it but with birds instead of butterflies

love this(: bit only the dandelion petals to butterflies don't like the stem part of the flower.

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9 Dainty and Beautiful Dandelion Tattoo Designs to Choose From

Dandelion tattoos are quite popular among women, with creative and out-of-the-box designs and colors to choose from. Buzzle gives you 9 beautiful dandelion tattoo designs along with wonderful quotes that you can add to them.