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Watched a movie at the Visitor centre about the 2010 eruption and it's devastation.




✯ Sandy Beach near Snæfellsjökull Glaicier in Snaefellsnesog Hnappadalssysla, Iceland :: By Orvaratli ✯

The Ultimate Guide To Exploring Iceland's Snæfellsnes Peninsula | Iceland Travel Tips | Iceland On A Budget | What To Do In Iceland | Tips For Traveling To Iceland | Budget Travel To Iceland | Cheap Travel To Iceland | The Best Of Iceland | Follow Me Away Travel

The Ultimate Guide To Exploring Iceland's Snæfellsnes Peninsula

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula in west Iceland is truly a hidden gem just waiting to be explored! Unlike the very popular south coast of Iceland, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a bit out of the way.

Violent child of change, the island of Surtsey spews lava and steam off Iceland. In 1963 it burst from the Atlantic, born of the stupendous forces ever altering the face of the earth, National Geographic, January 1973

Boris Bidjan Saberi is hailed as one of the leading avant-garde designers in contemporary men‘s wear.

ICELAND: The earth is splitting apart in the middle of Iceland. Actually, it’s splitting apart along a ridge that runs north to south through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The European continental plate is creeping eastward and the North American creeping westward, and new crust is bursting out of the cleft between the two. This geologic melodrama is played out almost exclusively under the sea—aside from where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge emerges onto Iceland.

Iceland’s Volcanoes

Varmahlid, Skagafjordur

Varmahlid, Skagafjordur