Edible Flowers - Lavender is sweet and floral in flavor, with hints of smoke. When lavender is dried, it releases its most potent fragrance

I need more lavender in my garden! #plant #herb #flower

A Gardener's Guide to Lavender

I need more lavender in my garden! #plant #herb #flower

Lavendel "Hidcote Blue"

Photo Lavendel "Hidcote Blue" by Tina & Horst Herzig Photography


Sea holly (Eryngium alpinum) has a wonderful, steely-blue color, intriguing spiky foliage, and a seriously tough nature. We love it as a contrast to billowing textures. In my garden 2014 ?

purple-edged ranunculus flower for bridal bouquet or wedding centerpieces

Ranunculus Picotee, a Peony-like flower with a lavender pink edge---soooo beautiful! This is what Sarah should use in her wedding boquet


Lathyrus Odoratus "cappuccino" ~ I should grow some sweet peas somewhere along the west wall!


Fallen flowers on rainforest floor, Australia. Flowers of the Brachychiton tree on rainforest floor, Bunya Mountains, Queensland, Australia.