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 cuute (:

My dad used to draw a smily face on his finger when we were mad just to make us laugh. It would be fun to get a tattoo for him!


fingers, isn't this fun

never did understand that concept. chopping off a creatures foot is somewhat lucky?....

Nooooooooo ~ Lucky Foot For Rabbit ~ Cute and Funny Illustrations by Nacho Diaz

Awww... So cute :-)

Valentine’s Day 2014 HD Wallpapers, Valentine’s Day HD Wallpapers 2014

another morning jam

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kiss.sailor.nurse  SMOOCH!

tmbt: now I know what’s under that kiss


How To Create Green Moss Wall Graffiti [Infographic]

Happy Talking Fingers : Move in with me or I move next to your home

Express your innermost sentiments in a cute way with these happy talking fingers.

kylling+byder+ud+chick+on+the+run.bmp.jpg (500×335)

A normal person sees a chick tallying the days in the egg, much as a person might tally the days they are in prison. I, however, wonder how the hell the Silence got inside an egg. - Why would a chick tally the days? Silence is the only answer!