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The Big Bang Theory Spock Doll: What is the purpose of a toy? Sheldon: To be played with. Spock Doll: Therefore to not play with it would be. Damn it, Spock, you're right.

There's nothing more to say about education in the US

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The wonderful Mayim Bialik ! #amy #neuroscientist #inspiration

"Big Bang Theory" Star Mayim Bialik Encourages High School Girls to Pursue STEM During DeVry University’s National HerWorld® Month

The Big Bang Theory: Bernadette and Amy

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There's just something about pretty girls and eye glasses

Funny pictures about There's just something about pretty girls and eyeglasses. Oh, and cool pics about There's just something about pretty girls and eyeglasses. Also, There's just something about pretty girls and eyeglasses.

this is awesome... Bazzinga

My husband FREAKS out every time Howard's mother yells. He had, about, 15 theories on who it could be: penny, howard. This was amazing

Sheldon, Penny and Leonard ~ The Big Bang Theory

Do you like this show? Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny from the Big Bang Theory which has slowly become one of my favorite TV shows.

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The Big Bang Theory Sheldon cleaning Penny's closet dead goldfish battery operated "chew toy" party's over

It's totally Batman.. (lolz)


Now I'm picturing the geeks and nerds of the comic book store getting into a West Side Story style rumble.

Sheldon!!!  He may be a huge geek AND a nerd, but that's what makes him so hot.

Jim Parsons (Sheldon from 'The Big Bang Theory') with the autographed napkin from Leonard Nimoy that says: "To Sheldon, Live Long and Prosper!

Shamy- They're adorable!

Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik as Sheldon Amy from The Big Bang Theory Geek Culture, pop sugar tech, April 2015