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Funny pictures about Pancake the happiest corgi. Oh, and cool pics about Pancake the happiest corgi. Also, Pancake the happiest corgi.

"Corgi* Cool !"  Clean as an Irish Spring. "The Dog Parlor, has Us looking   smelling  like Two Handsome Hot *Dogs!" Then off for a Business Luncheon.  Lets make a *Deal!"

Check out our Sleeping Corgi variant! These adorable Corgi planter pots are perfect for herbs, succulents, small flowers, and whatever else you can think

Awwwww, can I come down now?

“Eevee wasn’t allowed downstairs until we finished mopping the floor. She waited like this until she was allowed back down to play again!

Oh My....  Could these friggin' little things get any more cuter?  Just awwwweeee...

Some things are so cute I am overwhelmed.puppy butt is one of them!