Introducing Lady Agnes Carberry, born on Christmas Eve, 2012. corgi. Z

Introducing Lady Agnes Carberry, born on Christmas Eve, corgi.

WEL | これはリラックスポジションとかいう位置に仰向けで座らせて(寝かせて)撮った写真。要するに、股に挟んでいるので… | Flickr

WEL | これはリラックスポジションとかいう位置に仰向けで座らせて(寝かせて)撮った写真。要するに、股に挟んでいるので… | Flickr

Good Night #Corgi Nation! - The Daily Corgi.

Haggis Sid and Annie Bear Kensington and Watson Stormy (note the tongue!) Stormy and Macy Karson If you liked this post, check out these!

watching with mini-me The Daily Corgi #corgi

Mini Corgi Planter Pots

orange puppy hoodie.

orange puppy hoodie

Dog in a hoodie! I absolutely love dogs in hoodies.please people, if you own a dog please dress him/her in their hoodies and snap the pic. I would be very grateful ! So Sweet!

Mr. Smiley!!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Even without much of a tail, the Pembroke Corgi boldly expresses its affection and interest in people. This is a smart house dog whose alert and vigilant nature makes it a fine family companion and watchdog.