One Direction. I hate when everyone gets all obsessed with a certain thing just because their friends like them. this band is an exception to that. they're just amazing.

one direction

One Direction Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne

I will judge you if you do not pin this

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One direction

One Direction. Imagine waking up to this. :D Omg, looooove One Direction.

Look at Harry's face lol *Looking at his sweetheart*

15 momentos para rir com Louis Tomlinson

Imagine the boys explaining how fast Niall fell for you.

One Direction

Last night I had a dream I met It was so awesome! I cant tell you the whole dream cause its kinda weird but it was still like the best dream EVER!

One Direction Germany

Harry playin a piano.

Aww but so funny how Niall's say food of mine

Zayn: Mind of Mine. Niall: Food of Mine. Liam: Toy Story of Mine. Harry: Saint Laurent of Mine.

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One Direction Ruling The World @rebecca0750

One Direction Group Mini Poster

1D ♥

There is absolutely no picture in the world where One Direction does not look attractive.

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Harry e Zayn são de longe os mais saidinhos e irônicos do One Direction, como você pode notar na foto acima. Mas eles não são os únicos! Nesse post, você confere os momentos mais gys de todos os integrantes do 1D. Duas coisas que valem ser esclarecidas: 1) isso não significa que eles são gays, …

Os momentos mais gays do One Direction em fotos e gifs

The Ultimate Collection Of Gay One Direction Gifs

Cant wait to go to their concert. I dont think my parents understand how important it important they are to me.

To celebrate our upcoming birthday, all week we're sharing some of our best moments. Check out the boys of in the studio in What's your fave Radio Disney moment? Let us know in the comments below!

Caratula Frontal de One Direction - Little Things (Cd Single)

One Direction's second single release "Little Things" written by singer song writer Ed Sheeran will be on the radio in just a few days. "Little Things" second line reveal was released today.