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The arrival of summer coincided with the joyous ringing of faraway bells, ones that signified the approach of a little white truck, filled to the brim with frozen treats.

1980's toy medical kit - Google | http://amazingelectronictoys.blogspot.com

whistle pops - kind of gross because youd blow on it after sucking on it for a while and spit would come out.

Monopoly is a great strategy that I actually had to read to know how to play it.  Over the course of three years, I beat my brothers endlessly with me being the millionaire. To me, Monopoly was more of a family bond type of way, being able to read each other's expressions to certain events. My youngest brother, Gabriel, never liked losing so he always pouted when he lost.

Welcome to the CUA inspired MONOPOLY BOARD! Every week, we will be putting a new monopoly square on Page 2 with a question it.

70's Cartoons

School House Rock on Saturday mornings (along with "real" cartoons). Conjunction junction, what's your function?

I drew a million of these!

We all drew this symbol. Every American kid that was in elementary school in the early and mid drew this symbol.

Candy Necklace

Candy Necklace - Unwrapped 100ct

La goma. cómo me encantaba llegar tan alto. a pesar de ser de las bajitas subía el pie con ligereza pajaril para llegar a las posiciones más altas.

Chinese jump rope - Loved this! Plus you could play string games (cat's cradle) with the rope too!

Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s: Raggedy Ann & Holly Hobbie Colorforms

I had this Raggedy Ann Colorform set. I loved Colorforms! --colorforms from