terrace - interesting architecture, too.

The Serpentine / Turner --like the mixed stone use, lit fountains and underground patio that leads up to main level while still exposing basement to outdoor space

Eco-modern beach house on Cape Cod

Eco-modern beach house on Cape Cod


La résidence Malbaie VII située dans la région de Charlevoix est une réinterprétation de la grange traditionnelle du Québec

Malbaie VIII-La Grange is a residential project completed by MU Architecture. It is located in Cap-à-l’Aigle, Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada. Photos courtesy of MU Architecture

Seaview House // Jackson Clements Burrows Architects | Afflante.com

Built by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects in Barwon Heads, Australia with date Images by Shannon McGrath. This house is located in old Barwon Heads on a street which accommodates an eclectic mix of post war beach houses dom.


Live among the trees - Chipicas Town Houses / Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos


Un salón con grandes ventanales: ideas

Great screen set away from the window wall! -Harkavy Residence / Robert Gurney Architect/ Potomac, Maryland, USA: Awesome solutions to an unsightly view.