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18 Weird Products You'd Never Know Existed

Here are some weird gadgets and inventions you never knew existed. OMG the bubble wrap thing! And the water bottle!

cutest little taser i have ever seen, i need one!

And who doesn't need a taser that looks like a pink baby seal? I want one


I want the bookshelf stairs, cupcake toothpaste, Domo toaster, shark fin ice cube tray, and the bacon band-aids

Meridian iPhone 5 Rechargeable Extended Battery Case for iPhone 5 - AT, Sprint, Verizon   Your New iPhone Deserves Extra Power   Getting rid of your power boundaries so you can have more time to talk, text, surf, work and play.. Let's Go!     Protective Design  The rubberized slim sleek profile protective case keeps your iPhone 5 safe with out adding extra bulk. Protection from drops, bumps and scratches. On/Off function to control when to give your phone extra power. The LED indicator…

Black Friday MFI Apple Approved - Lenmar Meridian iPhone 5 / Rechargeable Extended Battery Case for iPhone 5 / - AT

11 genius modern inventions

11 genius modern inventions

Funny pictures about Take my money right now. Oh, and cool pics about Take my money right now. Also, Take my money right now.

Regalos que no querrás darle a nadie más que a ti mism@ ⋮ Es la moda

Regalos que no querrás darle a nadie más que a ti mism@


These Volkswagen USB Flash Drives are adorable. A minibus used to hold precious things like family and friends. Now it can hold onto all of your important documents. or your secrets!

Schoko Milchshake kette

Schoko Milchshake kette

A MUST HAVE for this house! Shark Bite Bandaids

My Friend: why does your bandaid say ninja fight?" Me: because I got in a ninja fight and it is why I need this bandaid!" Lol this is the reason I need these band aids!

Custom Handwriting Necklaces by jewelry artist Brittany Leigh.

Custom Handwriting Necklaces

This would be awesome to find a letter with my mom's handwriting! I'd put it as a charm on a bracelet since I don't wear necklaces. 💜 Special Handwriting Necklace Custom Made to Order One of a Kind Keepsake

Lockitron Announces New Keyless Deadbolt Entry and Remote Locking for iPhone...don't have an iPhone, but one day...

Place the Lockitron over existing deadbolt, and connect to phone; use phone to lock or unlock door from anywhere. Fits on inside of the door. Device has Bluetooth; walk up to door, and it automatically unlocks.