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Do it Cas by ~Nile-kun on deviantART Sam's face at the end, I couldn't stop laughing.<<Sam's face in these are the best part

Damn it, Cas -SPN fanart- by EspadaDina on DeviantArt

1. Cas what are you thinking? XD 2. Poor Dean X"D 3. Sam looks like he is ready to kill someone for waking him up O-O

Cas what are you thinking? XD Poor Dean X"D Sam looks like he is ready to kill someone for waking him up O-O<<the moose needs his beauty sleep

hey hi hello people that are now following this account and who have been for awhile! What's up? How was your day? good I hope! If not here is a hug... *hugs*

Yeah, why the hell isn't this cannon? XD omg Dean would be the one to jump splash Sam<<<imagine dean and cas going in the pool and cas just goes in trench coat and all and dean thinks he looks super hot with wet hair

T-Shirts by VaryuPon #destiel fanart. The he he he he oh man, would love to see this.

T-Shirts by VaryuPon fanart-----Sam ships it so hard. <<<I can't even breathe, I'm laughing so hard!

Destiel Fanart by http://consulting-cannibal.tumblr.com/

consulting-cannibal: “i like how this is basically the premise for The Hunter Games i am pumped to find out what cas’s horrible idea is ”