He's just beaming! God, he finally looks his age. I feel old and wayyyyy too young at the same time. I can't focus, he's too beautiful.

I am truly madly deeply in love with this boy with the smile that is killing my heart by the second

I wouldn't be looking like that if that's what Monday looked like. Just saying. I would so be happy to see Monday.

Yes but I might have a snowday because we are having a snow storm right now :)

Niall Horan

29 Times Niall Horan Was Utterly Adorable

day a photo of ur favorite member and why: oh, how i hoped this day wouldnt come! i love all the boys, its so hard to pick a favorite! but i ended up deciding niall horan, my little leprechaun. love you, nialler!

Why are you so beautiful?

That's my girlfriend right there! On your screen! And her name is Karyssa! That's the big announcement!