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A Collegiette's Guide to Pinterest: What Is Pinterest & How Do You Use Pinterest?

true, over pins! Pinned That. And probably pinned it numerous times.

DIY+OCD=PIN<3  TO TRUE so says the dr:)

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Pinterest Warning! So far resulted in a ton of amazing DIY projects, rearranging furniture and fashion sketches!

hahaha yeah when i found this my life has plummeted into a bucket of wasted time ahahhaa but it hasnt caused insomnia yet!

Keep Pinning ... but getting dizzy! I so know what that's like. #humor #pinterest

Actually, i had an hour and a half surgery today.so dizziness could be meds.but I'm already Pinning from my hospital bed.

no truer words have even been typed!

people feel Empowered yet incompetent, inspired yet Overwhelmed and just plain Hungry. all at the same time.

Some day you may even look back and wonder why you were ever worried

Pictures in Boxes. "Just because you haven't got it all figured out, doesn't mean you never will.

So sad feeling the need to post every fart I love no I love you more, oh this person is mean that persons is mean, I need this no you don't Omgosh talk on the phone instead of posting for the world to see how retarded you truly are already !!!

10 Things I Hate About The Internet

Funny pictures about When I read status updates. Oh, and cool pics about When I read status updates. Also, When I read status updates.