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Dog Hacks Why Didn't I Think Of That

Leaving your dog in your hot car is considered Animal abuse. Think twice before leaving the house with your dog on a hot day.

Adopt! Change a life.

Adopt, change a life. (everyone things that we mean the animals life, we don't we mean your own)

People who are responsible for this are COWARDS!

I'm gonna cry😭😭😢😢! This is so sad a I am against dog fighting and the breed doesn't matter wether it be pit bull or boxer. I love all dogs big and small so dog fighting is not part of my life.


"Photos of dogs taken after leaving the shelter and getting in the car… - Adopt, don't shop!" Pet shops and breeders are not animal friendly. Help control the pet population and spay/neater/chip. Stop supporting puppy mills and adopt a sweetie!

Answers for Pet Anxiety Infographic

When owners are anxious, their pets may also become anxious! Using a calm voice and relaxed body language is essential for calming a pet. Tips for soothing anxious pets.

No wonder why DOG spelled backward is GOD!!

Funny pictures about Dog warns parents that babysitter was abusing child. Oh, and cool pics about Dog warns parents that babysitter was abusing child. Also, Dog warns parents that babysitter was abusing child.

Tips on How to Find a Lost Dog. Leave the following things where the dog was last seen: • An article of clothing of the owner's, the smellier the better  • A favorite toy • A bowl of water, but not food (it attracts other animals). Infographic. Instructable. Misc info

this is awesome

HOW TO FIND A LOST DOG . it may or may not work but if you've lost an animal this seems like a good thing to try. I hope no one (including myself) never HAS to try this, but in case.

Pitbulls are only mean when trained to be, its not their fault people are cruel

SGT Stubby America's First and most decorated WAR Dog! In WWII, I saved my unit. They gave me a medal. Now the country I served wants to destroy my kind.