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Where's the Beef?

Where's the Beef Lady. This campaign for Wendy's starred an played by Clara Peller. By Peller was fired from Wendy's after declaring that she had "Found the Beef" in an ad for Prego pasta sauce.

The Oscar Mayer kid promoting the best mystery meat in the world. "My baloney has a first name.......".

My baloney has a first name.my baloney has a second name it's M-A-Y-E-R. Oh I love to eat it everyday and if you ask me why I'll say .cuz Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A.

I always loved this Hallmark stuff. I had the calendars, diaries and stationary. WM

Vintage Hallmark Betsey Clark 1975 Date Book. I believe my first address book was a Betsey Clark one.

Square Dancing

Square Dancing

Dick Wilson

Whipple squeezing the Charmin. As much as I didn't like the Charmin commercials when Mr. whipple squeezed the charmin, I surely do detest the commercials more now with the ridiculous bears!

I'd like to teach the world to sing...

I'd like to buy the world a home And furnish it with love Grow apple trees and honey bees And snow white turtle doves. Chorus: I'd like to teach the world to sing In perfect harmony I'd like to buy the world a Coke And keep it company It's the real thing"

Whoah. Now these are old "school"! Haha

vintage photo PAPER CUTTER wooden 13 maple by Sugar Cube Vintage, used this about a million times at school

acatlady13's media

Faux fur hat with pompoms -- actually my mom got me one made out of white rabbit fur.

So sad that cursiv letters are no longer being taught in schools.  I believe that many beautiful love letters were written back in the day when people actually "wrote".

Cursive writing ~Old School.Loved learning to write cursive. My second grade teacher taught this. I still take pride in my writing.

memory from the 80's

Most fast food (especially McD's) sold their sandwiches in styrofoam containers like this one! Filet O Fish, fries, and a chocolate shake.

This ad is very strong in its use of complimentary colors: blue and yellow. Even though the colors do not match my preference of color palette, the use in this illustration does make the product stand out appropriately.

Nothin better than a fresh loaf of Sunbeam Bread. I remember when the bakery had a "hot bread" sign to let you know they have fresh bread available to buy.those were the good ole days!

True story!

No Bottled Water, We Drank From A Garden Hose! # Country Life # Country Girl Way Hose its the best tasting water there is

I vaguely remember having one of these. I am quite sure I didn't earn it.

I vaguely remember having one of these. I am quite sure I didn't earn it.