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And all it took was one Saturday . That one Saturday to break what was left of my heart

The saddest kind of sad is when your tears can't even drop and you feel nothing it's the world has just ended. exactly how I felt the day my parents died.hard to understand that feeling unless you've experienced it.

Yeah Stop randomly popping shit up in there...Thanks Buddy!!

I thought this picture was funny because it can be hard to fall asleep when your brain is racing. This can happen if you watch TV or play on your phone right before bed.

And no one ever asked me. was I invisible? was my sadness invisible to them? O r did they thought I was born this way? they don't even remember that I used to laugh ? that I know how to laugh ? it's not the indifference that wounds me.. but their ignorance of my sadness... anyway other big things are killing .. and I gotta answer their call.

"I am an introvert. That means that when I’m feeling down, chances are that I won’t actually go to you for help. In fact, I won’t go to anyone for help. You’ll have to actually check on me. I don’t feel that I should burden others with my problems

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A tear made of water and feelings . (let's remember that before we hurt anyone

Sometimes this Is how I feel that's why I snap at you ... I'm not meaning to but you tease me with your kindness and love... It's hard fon going to smiles to tears... Js love

I hate how you tease me gosh it makes me have hope that you still do. But you have a girlfriend. So leave me alone yep.gosh dang it!

great....Why can't I think of something like this when I really need to say it?

Loyalty in friends is so hard to come by, but at least it helps you weed out the bad ones. The few friends I do have I'd trust with my life and that's worth the pain of finding out someone you thought was your friend never was.

Je ne suis jamais vraiment content. Quelques jours, je suis un peu moins triste que d'autres

"I am never truly happy. Some days, I'm just a little less sad than others." That is why when someone asks how I am, I answer "Hangin' in there"