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Love this can we take a moment and appreciate what Kim Possible did for our child hood? Or was it just me that wants to go watch this again?

Kim Possible. I have to say that this was probs my favourite Disney channel show, I always wanted to watch it :)

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Well played, Disney <--- well apparently it was planned as a semi sequel so this makes sense

How about a new Disney channel called  Disney Throw-Back channel?  Seems to be a petition going around somewhere,  unless this is old.

Re post on most popular board Disney Throw-Back channel! Let's make this happen! I'd watch tv with out complaints again:D

“I would love to see a prequel series of Kim Possible focusing on Team Go, their rise as heroes and Shego’s fall in to villainy.”

I would love to see a sequel series of Kim Possible where she and Ron are married with twin girls. And a cameo of her brothers as stable adults.