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and thats who i am

i'm not the person who i thought i would be 10 years ago

Best place to be

The outdoors is made for natural born wanderers like me.

and that's who I am. love these small windows into someone's world.would make a good about me minibook.

I love campfires. And that's just who I am.

I do love campfires. I love spending time around a campfire with my friends, and my family. And the love if my life


Done ✔️ I sang my heart out with my best friend at a Fall Out Boy concert and I sang my heart out to every lyric of every song at an Imagine Dragons concert

I clean it and it never stays that way.

Can we talk about this? I mean I understand not keeping your room clean but, a baby head on your night stand?

Sure do

THE RAIN! This might be embarrassing but I go out, get soaked, and sing in the rain!--- I love the rain, but lightning scares me, thunder sounds nice.

Yes!!  I trip over things that arent there.. I trip over my own shoes, and my feet. And I also get tongue ties!

Trip over my own feet.(: <<< forget feet i trip over air<<<< well I get tripped by Casper all the time and now everyone thinks I'm clumsy!