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Ra on ways to determine whether any type of UFO-related experience is Orion or Confederation: "If there is fear and doom, the contact was quite likely of a negative nature. If the result is hope, friendly feelings, and the awakening of a positive feeling of purposeful service to others, the marks of Confederation contact are evident."(53.17)

Ra on the Purpose of Orion landing on Earth: "Their purpose is conquest, unlike those of the Confederation who wait for the calling [for help]. The so-called Orion group calls itself to

Výsledek obrázku pro abstract art ideas

// spaceman // ((compositing options - smoke as backdrop - animated sections / masks / objects in foreground ))

Esta imagen muestra como nuestros pensamientos estan tan llenos de vida y serian de utilidad para una sociedad tan fria y de pocos colores.  Encerramos nuestros pensamientos, poniendo barreras y no los dejamos fluir como deberian, encerramos nuestra escencia que esta llena de color en una capsula y pintamos un mundo a blanco y negro.

inspiration for my second final piece idea -explosion of thoughts/imagination


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