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La sacra geometria dell’Anima compone le forme armoniche dei pensieri e distende lo sguardo sul grande Oceano dell’esistenza.

Uniting Lightworkers, starseeds, crystals, indigos and healers in a New Age. A Community About Ascension & Creating Heaven on Earth.


Line, shape, colour, space (Line has been used to created images and shapes, which have been duplicated and reflected to create a feeling of opposite space. This diverges from normality)

Thug Life.. #Beyoncé #Tupac # Rihana

THUG LIFE (don't know who designer is). It's like a print oxymoron or something. The poster is really beautiful and floral but the words say otherwise. I like the idea of this! (Reversed out image for type)

Esta imagen muestra como nuestros pensamientos estan tan llenos de vida y serian de utilidad para una sociedad tan fria y de pocos colores.  Encerramos nuestros pensamientos, poniendo barreras y no los dejamos fluir como deberian, encerramos nuestra escencia que esta llena de color en una capsula y pintamos un mundo a blanco y negro.

Actually love the idea of this explosion of colour to symbolise imagination/expression/creativity popping out of someone. Could work well for posters - black and white pic of Child? Not necessarily dancing.


LARRY CARLSONUniversal x image x with the matting around the artwork-This print was created using archival pigment inks on glossy metallic paper. Metallic prints have an impressive depth of color and dimension.