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Captain Hair! - Whos Line is it Anyway LOVE THIS SHOW

Whose Line is it Anyway? Captain Hair Colin Drew Carey funny - That show was HILARIOUS! (I could have said great but I love to show off my spelling skills.

"NO YOU KILL IT!!" "YOU'RE the MAN!!!.. I mean.. AHHH!!" then realize they are clinging to each other... "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

19 Times "She's The Man" Was The Funniest Movie Ever

A funny scene from 2006 "She's the Man" starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes.

Carly: you thought a criminal broke into our house and was in my room.. so as a weapon you brought a sucker duster? Spencer: Sure did! Carly: you're insane! Spencer: Am I?

I swear, Crazy Steve changed his name to Spencer

Sad this show is off the air now

Momma's got some explaining to do. Victorious is almost as sneaky as Pixar about the dirty jokes.

Best way to have a boyfriend

Best way to have a boyfriend

Ladies if only this were true in real life & relationships were really that easy!

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