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Spencer only has a smoothie. No ostrich, just a smoothie

icarly -her brother is hilarious

Why does Spencer use weird stuff to build stuff like a spoon hat? <------- what else would u use to build a spoon hat then spoons?


Mulan- I thought it would be China from Hetalia aru!

Gibby was so awesome!

I'm Gibby

I'm Gibby member Icarly?

icarly! No one loves thisss show as much as meeeeee!!!

I remember thinking when i was a little kid why does sam not like the word panties but now everytime i even think of the word i cringe

The 20 Funniest Photos of Today's Internet

The Funniest Pictures of Today's Internet

The 20 Funniest Photos of Internet

Hahahaha I remember this episode! Spencer was the best

Don't care if it doesn't go with this bored, it's funny

Drake and josh XD

I love icarly so much... especially Gibby. Gibby is awesome.

I love icarly so much. especially Gibby. Gibby is so frickin awesome.

Sam gets me...

haha I act the same as Sam xD

IQ Test.

Exactly I feel about every standardized test when the teacher spends a half an hour going over how to fill in the bubble.

Part of me wonders if Sherlock chose John because he knew Mycroft would suffer

Part of me wonders if Sherlock chose John because he knew Mycroft would suffer. That caption lol. I swear, John's sass reaches an ultimate level every single time he's around Mycroft haha.

45 Minutes people.. 45...

This is why I thin history is the most fun and interesting subject. How can anyone think its boring when every 45 minutes there's a new president in Mexican history

Odd products: Cant tell if weird or genius (23 photos)

Odd products: Can’t tell if weird or genius (23 photos)

Funny pictures about Sleeping Ostrich Pillow. Oh, and cool pics about Sleeping Ostrich Pillow. Also, Sleeping Ostrich Pillow.

Lol, why do you think my roommate is a latin major? ;)

listens to new world symphony ready to tackle music major problems - Music Major Ostrich

Now it's comfortable to sleep at your desk...it's a little obvious so I don't suggest using this at work too often...

Ostrich Desk Pillow - The Awesomer