Scalinata Xenofon Street – Bucarest (Romania)

Foto delle Scalinate Colorate Più Belle del Mondo

why haven't we done this to any of our many steep staircases in sf?

What do you think of these colourful stairs? It sure gives colour to the town of Wuppertal, Germany! I love this simple, colorful idea! I'm brainstorming on what steps I can go paint to brighten up our city!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho trang trí cầu đi bộ

Stairway to heaven: great examples of street art on staircases!

Casas de colores en la ciudad.

Santiago de Chile y Valparaíso

Epistolario según San Álvaro.: Topten de Ciudades y Escaleras

Epistolario según San Álvaro.: Topten de Ciudades y Escaleras

Wall of Books. A wall in Amsterdam West, designed with ceramic books by Sanja Medic, Melle Hammer and Susanne Laws. Photo by Barbro Norman. Ceramic book building in Amsterdam,


Caltagirone, Sicily - Each year, during the La Scala Flower Festival, about potted plants and flowers of different shades and colors are arranged on the historic Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte to create one grand design.

11. Stairs of Peace in Syria - 17 Beautifully Painted Stairs From All Over The World. #7 Is Insane!

Stairs of Peace in Syria. Syrian students painted a fantastic pattern on the longest staircase in their town with some very vibrant colors. They hoped the display would produce joyful feelings in the locals who were undergoing hardships.

escada ucrania

Potemkin Stairs, Ukraine, found via The World Geography - "The Potemkin Stairs is a giant stairway in Odessa, Ukraine. The stairs are considered a formal entrance into the city from the direction of the sea and are the best known symbol of Odessa.

ZAG, awesome urban art, best street artists, graffiti art, free walls, urban artists

"La Morlaisienne" Anamoprhic Street Art Piece by French Artist ZAG , Morlaix France.

#mexiko - colourful favela

Artists breathe new life into a community by painting all 209 of their houses