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Scala (Rainbow Staircase), Wuppertal, Germany Artist Horst Gläsker took a drab staircase wedged in between two buildings in the town of Wupp.

Pantone Stairs

80+ Amazing Guerrilla Street Art Inspiration Examples

What do you think of these colourful stairs? It sure gives colour to the town of Wuppertal, Germany! I love this simple, colorful idea! I'm brainstorming on what steps I can go paint to brighten up our city!

Una piccola gemma artistica nel cuore di San Francisco: una scalinata in mosaico, creata nel 2005 dopo due anni e mezzo di lavoro, da parte del ceramista irlandese Aileen Barr e l’artista di …

Avenue Tiled Steps - Inspired by the world-famous staircase in Rio de Janeiro, the Avenue Tiled Steps boast a colorful mosaic that will enliven the area for San Fr.

Flower Carpet, Brussels, Belgium

The Carpet of Flowers -Brussels, Belguim Been To Brussels- this is Grand Place.didn't get to see the carpet of flowers but this place is incredible to see anyway!

Busan Used Book Alley

I love travelling to weird book stores. Probably because I'm obsessed with books in general! bookshop in the used book alley in Busan, South Korea

Potemkin Stairs. Потемкинская лестница.   #Odessa #Ukraine #stairs #staircase #birdview

Potemkin Stairs in Odessa. Altough the reenactment of 'Pantserkruiser Potemkin' turned out to be pretty hilarious.

Jorge Rodriguez Gerada – "Wish" New Piece in Belfast

Belfast, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada This is an artists piece done right beside Titanic Belfast and was a real eye catcher to the public as it represents The Belfast child.