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Although I don't agree with some of the images Frank posts on his website (as sent in postcards). The honesty and support is refreshing.

Secret from PostSecret.com    hahahaha. I never thought of it this way...but my husband doesn't watch sports....

the sexiest players


This is why mental health should be a priority, no matter what condition someone has. Because on that magical day you're cured, you're left with your head, and if your head is still unwell.

Because "working" from the beach is an absolutely AMAZING feeling!

Because "working" from the beach is an absolutely AMAZING feeling!

God, it would be awesome to be the Postsecret mailman

I wish I was Frank's mail person to see all the Post Secret postcards :)

Be slow to judge // postsecret.com

Honestly, it used to hurt being excluded from my "family", Now it hurts more that I'm used to it.


Calm yourself by watching Bob Ross paint. He seems to put us into a tranquil state. Plus he made us really appreciate squirrels.

Hindsight isn't always 20/20! Sometimes, time passes and the past, present, and future get more UNCLEAR.

Hindsight, past present and future just gets more unclear - July 2013 - PostSecret