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umm ring that bell!

Over outside doorbell. Instead of champagne, use 'press bell or alternatively, yell 'ding dong' really loud'. Use spray painted cheap frame & laminated backing for words - wooden accents around button -p


Chandelier at museum Nissim de Camondo, Paris Ormolu trimmed with rock crystal, amethyst and smoky quartz In the shape of vase topped with a crown, this chandelier is one of the finest examples known from the mid-eighteenth century,.

Vintage Inspired Diva Chandelier 1329 Dazzling Princess Slipper Pink Green Sparkling 5 Light Chandelier-avaiilable at Victoria Rose Cottage -

Pink and Green 5 Light Diva Chandelier at aBaby. We offer Pink and Green 5 Light Diva Chandelier for your baby at great prices.

My Dream Home/Garden

I would like to practice my piano pieces in THIS room! Especially if it looked onto a beautiful lake! [Masiero chandelier, gorgeous cream, taupe, crystals and black.


Pretty purple pansies In pristine purple glass, Peer through the frosted pane As hours of winter pass! Laughing at the winds That chill the ground below, Pretty purple pansies, Feel no fear I know! (Penned by SummerGypsy


What is not to love, the sparkle, the dreams, the wonder but most of all the fairy lights that the prism of colors that come from a glowing chandlier.

South Shore Decorating Blog: 50 Favorites for Friday #160 (Blushing Pink Edition)

Pink on the front door and on the walls of a raised entryway gives way to a mostly white living room. The washed gray and white checkerboard floor is lovely, as are the full pink draperies and white slip-covered lounge.

Hello Friends!FINALLY....after a year and months gone by I am thrilled to finally take you on a tour of my happy art studio.What started out like this.....Now looks like this...Dreamy, pastel, sugary,pink,vintage childhood nostalgic playground.This is now my other home where I can be…

Many traditional and classic homes have a chandelier. Which type do you like. Glam with glass or elegant with metals? This would be fun in a garden gazebo :)

for the love of pink...subtle is more

Pink and white living room, so lovely. Pink drapes, pink and white pillows, white sofa. A perfectly decorated room.


a pink Vespa? Could I be that brave? I would have to learn to ride a scooter and be brave enough to try it in public? We'll see!

5 light Beaded Chandelier with Opal Pink Crystals

Buy your 5 Light Beaded Chandelier with Milky Opal Pink Crystals here. The 5 Light Beaded Chandelier with Milky Opal Pink Crystal combines timeless design with modern color. This metal chandelier is pa

Pretty Pink Chandelier w/ intricate detail

Bella Rose Chandelier

Buy your Bella Rose Chandelier here. Light up your child's room with this line of ever-so-shabby-chic LampArt! Sweet children's chandeliers for kid's rooms, playrooms

Even though I dont bake..anything pink, has crystals, and is over the top is my shit so I must say I need this lol..

All I have wanted for so long is a pink kitchenaid mixer.now all I want is a sparkly, pink kitchenaid mixer!