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This is so true after having taken my kids there 15 times. Love the place so much.

I've got Disney Blood running through my veins - yup this is so true!

If only

Funny Workplace Ecard: I'm quitting and moving to Disney World for the rest of my life!

Curious Nemo Facts - Imgur

Curious Nemo Facts

Funny pictures about Facts About Finding Nemo. Oh, and cool pics about Facts About Finding Nemo. Also, Facts About Finding Nemo.

Disney Alphabet. Going on my future kids walls.

Disney Alphabet.

Funny pictures about How kids should learn the alphabet. Oh, and cool pics about How kids should learn the alphabet. Also, How kids should learn the alphabet.

LJ and I would go on a Disney vacation every year and he'd be able to say this to ppl lol

Holy oh my goodness I love this! storyofmylife I always feel so awkward telling people it's just "ummm. Ya see I'm kind of in Disney that week. No no not a millionaire, just a dreamer.

When someone says they prefer Universal to Disney I look at them like they have lobsters crawling from their ears.  | Disney Humor | Disney Funny |

Universal is NO Disney World! The employees are just employees -- they're not invested in the role they're playing like the Disney World Cast Members are. just don't expect Disney World!

My name is Amanda, and I have a problem lol  But its not a problem

I am a disney addict! I am guilty of laughing, wearing mouse ears, hugging characters, and being happy!

Basically my reaction when my dad suggests that we go somewhere besides Disney World for a family vacation.

I keep thinking it would be fun to go somewhere else but then what if I tried somewhere else and hated it? Waste a Disneyland vacation opportunity?

MickeyMeCrazy Disney

no doubt. Disney lives way down deep in the depths of my soul! Not just Disneyland which I love more than anyplace else but all things Disney. Disney history is the best! But Disney World.