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it's true. and then you think, 'eh, I took a two hour nap, I can go to bed three hours later. What's a lost hour?

Does anyone else do this? or is it just me...

I thought that I was the only one with my toothbrush obsession.-regan nope I do the same thing can't brush without doing that - avarie

Ask Eric, Jenna and Nate how true this is... and if I add your last name... WHOA BOY... watch out... I am steamed.  Ha.

Ya and I don't have a middle name so the only way I know is if my mom says my first name a certain way but if she says my first and last name I just sit there and get grounded 😂😂😂😂😂

Hahahahahaha this is too familiar.

I only played mario kart twice with my aunt and and let's just say I'm not the best.

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Technically I don’t read books cause I hate reading. The only book I read is the Bible and it’s the only time I love to read.


my crush is always staring at me when I try to stare at him and then we make eye contact, look away, and start blushing.

Lol I never really acknowledged it was duct tape till now...I thought it as duck tape...xDDDDD LOL DUDE....X,C I ALWAYS KINDA NEW IT WAS DUCT TAPE BUT I GUESS I FORGOT....IDK XDDDD

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I believe this. Like if you agree

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Why can't any teacher listen.. It's simple if u sit us next to are friends we won't have to shout and tell across the room just sayin...

Why can't any teacher listen. It's simple if u sit us next to are friends we won't have to shout and tell across the room just sayin. So true

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Funny pictures about Most Common Lies. Oh, and cool pics about Most Common Lies. Also, Most Common Lies.

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This totally measured reaction: