Classic Getting Ready Shelf

The "Getting Ready" shelf from Pottery Barn Teen. Room for hair care products and tools - plus your cords wont get tangled! I need this now! Absolutely love this idea for masteroom, bathroom or even for 2 girls sharing a room!

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Косметика. Идеи для хранения / бьюти-кейсы

DIY: 25 Tips For Storing Your Makeup. Lyons Lyons Slawson so thaaaaat's what that thing was for that we saw last week.

Look how clean that vanity is.  No makeup strewn everywhere.  Sigh.

A Beautiful DIY Dressing Room easy vanity in closet of room. My favorite part about this picture is that this person has a bottle of Incredible perfume on her table.

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We could stare into this gorgeous all day. Featured: with Frosted LED lights IKEA table top Ikea Alex Drawers